Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summery, simple, quick and easy

Our homecoming service is indoors, but we eat outside. Actually, our food is kept outside too. It's under a huge covered shed, but without air conditioning. Therefore cooking for homecoming can be tricky. We have to think about how well the food will keep while the service is taking place. I am searching for dishes that will work well with the heat and still be tasty.

Cornbread salad and fruit salad are already on my to do list. Plus I am making lemonade and bringing capri sun for the kiddos. I am looking for something that can survive the ride over the mountain too. Oh and did I mention that I will also have 21 yes 21 buckets of KFC chicken riding along? Yep! Tim is in charge of the chicken, but he hates to miss the service and KFC can't have the chicken ready until 10 a.m. (same time church starts) so I drive separate and bring the chicken. Can you imagine what I smell like after a 30 minute drive with 21 buckets of chicken? My poor car!!!!! Oh the things we do for the men we love! Just kidding I don't mind. Partly because I have a great reason to be late! I would be late anyway, but this way no one can say much since they know they don't want to be in charge of this matter.

So put on your thinking caps and send me those recipes. Think summery, think fresh, think simple, think something that can sit outside in 90 + degree weather for a long period of time while still tasting good and not giving anyone food poisioning. I surely don't need that on my record. Remember that these dishes have to be easily portable and able to make the trip.

Oh and think EASY!! I have to work on the Saturday before and then I have a photo session at 5 p.m. Quick and easy would be great!!!!!!


Alexis said...

ever had corn casserole? if not, i'll give you the recipe. I'll keep thinking.

Alexis said...

the recipe is here


and it's fabulous

my mom uses mexican corn instead of whole kernel. it makes it really pretty.

Ashley said...

I'm not the best cook but, For the lemonade you should drop in (ice,blueberries, lemon and orange slices) its really good that way....and pretty!

Kimberly said...

I'm worthless in the kitchen, sorry. Well I do make a mean chocolate chip cookie, but that won't help. I'm cracking up about the drive with all those buckets of chicken though!

Dustin & Kate said...

How about black bean salsa? (served with tortilla chips) - easy and a crowd-pleaser

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Dustin & Kate said...

Oh, almost forgot - here's a link to the black bean salsa recipe:


Summer Girl said...

Tiff, Its nice to meet you! So do you live in TN still? I am orginally from San Diego so I am not sure what a church homecoming is. We never had that at the churches I grew up going to. I am racking my brain trying to think of one that is easy to make, also for how many people? Hmm, just can't think of anything right now!

The Gava Family said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to say my all time favorite summer recipe is a Summer Bean Salsa. I serve it with chips but I have also been know to just eat it off a spoon... it is that yummy!

The recipe is:
1 bag of shoepeg corn
1 can black beans
1 can black eyed peas
1 small jar diced pimentos
1/2 cup diced green peppers
1 cup diced onion
2 jalapeno peppers, diced

1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
Boil above 3 ingredients until sugar dissolves.

Pour over other ingredients, let sit overnight then drain excess liquid.

Hope this helps.