Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day four...how much more?

I am starting to grow weak in my faith. Don't be upset folks, I am just getting a little tired. My emotions are beginning to wear me down. Stress has somewhat taken over my brain. I am not giving up on my faith, or God, I am just getting tired. Somehow a part of me really thought that Tim would have called by now. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I really had my hopes up. Too bad reality kicked me in the face instead. I know better than to give up, so I will continue to have faith!!! Even if its super hard!
My life isn't all bad:
I have been spending extra special time with miss Preslee!!!! Oh and Kristy too! (sorry kristy) Poor Kristy is realizing that now with Preslee in the picture, she no longer matters. She laughs about it, but seriously its true. When someone comes to her house, they pass her up and go straight for Pres. I am guilty of it too I guess. I remember at one of her showers someone telling her that, and its totally true. Kristy is a good sport about it, and really is just grateful that so many people love Pres!!
I do have a new hair do........... and color!!!!! Thanks to Elria!!! I don't have any pictures because my camera is still at Tim's. Hopefully, I will have it back by the weekend. I know ya'll just can't wait to see me actually camping!!!! It's kinda one of those have to see it to believe it things right? Hey I am shocked to be going, just as much as you are shocked that I am going. Anyway back to my hair. Kellie Pickler has the cutest haircut. Thinking I could pull it off was one thing, having to get up this morning to fix it was another. Lets just say it took me an extra 10 minutes this morning. Not a good sign. Wonder what it will look like after a night of sleeping on the ground. Oh I shutter to think! Promise to post pictures as soon as possible. I am so glad to have my blondie highlights back!!!!!
I am tanning almost daily (much to the dismay of my daddy), even though my tanning bed is closing at the end of the month. It may cause cancer, but its 15 minutes of peace and quiet. I'll take it!!!! Laying out in the sun has been on my to do list all summer, but by the time I get off work, its too late. Thank goodness for tanning beds! Now where will I tan after this month?
Oh and I have re-discovered the love to online shop. Oh no my poor credit card!!!!! Call me crazy, but is online shopping not better sometimes? Think about it......you can go to more stores without running out of time, sales tend to be better, coupon codes are always helpful, no waiting in line, or rude sales people. Now I will agree that not being able to try on the item before purchasing it can be a downfall, but you can always return the item. This week I have found tons of sales. The best part of online shopping.......not having to drive home drained after a day long shopping spree!!!!!
I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments. You will never know what your kinds words mean to me. Keep the comments and prayers coming......I need them!!!