Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ABC's of T Sharee

Usually I hate this kind of e-mail. Usually I delete them as quick as I open them. Usually they carry some sort of warning, like if you delete this you will have 7 days bad luck. I don't believe in that. However, I thought this would be a good way to learn about my fellow blog friends. So here is mine, and I look forward to reading all of yours! Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you are finished.


B-Birth date: June 4, 1986

C-Chore you hate: Dishes

D-Dog's name: Elly

E-Enter or Exit: Ummmm what?

F-Favorite color: Pink

G-Gold or silver: Silver or white gold only

H-Hair color: Brown

I-Instrument: I am so not musically inclined

J-Job Title: Bank Teller

K-Kids: Ummm does Preslee count? None

L-Living arrangements: At home with Mama and Daddy (rent free & bill free)

M-Monkey or Moose: Monkey

N-Nicknames: Tiff, Tippy, Babe

O-Odd thing about you: Named after daddy's ex-girlfriend

P-Pet Peeve: Bad drivers/poor English etiquette

Q-Quote from a movie: Nobody puts baby in a corner......Dirty Dancing

R-Right Handed

S-Siblings: One real sister/Cassie & Two adopted sisters/ Hannah & Lily

T-Time you wake up? 6:25 a.m.

U-Underwear: Oh goodness thongs all the way!! I hate "real" panties

V-Veggie you dislike: Squash

W-What makes you run late: Ummmmm just me!

X-X-Rays: wrist and arm

Y-Yummy food you make: Cornbread Salad

Z-Zoo Animal: Elephant


pocket full of pink said...

How fun! I may have to do this!

Anonymous said...

This was fun!! I put one up too! :) You've got the right idea...living with your parents for as long as you can! :)

Jen and Rob said...

Cute idea! Just posted it on my blog!

AmyT said...

cute idea...thanks for sharing!