Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Can you believe my camera battery died after only about 20 shots Sunday? This battery has earned itself a first class trip to Wolf camera! Actually, it was so hot I really was okay to just sit and relax.
The day started off in a hurry. I got up 5 minutes later than I planned. You really can't imagine how much of a difference 5 minutes can make. First I drove all the way to Tim's so I could help him get all his things together. He had coolers to fill and load, gather the chairs, transport all the food I had made and somehow manage to make it to church by 9 a.m. unfortunately he didn't leave his house until 9 a.m. Oh well best laid plans.
After I got Tim packed up and off, I headed to Wal-mart. Paige had offered to cook some things for me to take. The cooler that Tim left for that food was too small for her tupperware. So I ran in wal-mart super quick (in heels) and grabbed some rubbermaid take alongs. It wasn't until I was in my car and actually pulling out of the parking lot that I realized I didn't get a camera card. So I made a u-turn, ran back inside, grabbed the card, scurried through the self check out and was back in my car in 4 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself!
Then I made the dreaded trip to KFC. Thankfully, the chicken was fixed, bagged and ready to roll. Too bad my car wasn't. I had taken every non-essential item out of my car, but still needed more room. There was no way I was going to put that greasy chicken in my seats, so I threw everthing out out my truck into the back seat. After about 30 minutes I finally arranged all the buckets leaving enough room to close my trunk.
Ummmm well I sorta forgot that I still had to go by Paige's house and get that food. Space was quite limited by this time. Needless to say it was an interesting ride across the mountain. I pulled into the church parking lot at 11:09. Church started at 10 a.m. I still had to unload all the chicken, Paige's food, my camera, and the drinks.
Parking is always an issue. Tim's truck can be parked anywhere since he has four wheel drive. My sweet scion doesn't have that snazzy feature. Rain has pretty much taken over east Tennessee lately, and I was afraid to park in the grass. The last thing I needed was to be humilated if I got stuck. Thankfully, I found a space with pavement.
It was 11:45 when I finally walked into church. A little later than expected, but at least I made it in one piece. I still got to hear Preacher Lee preach and some of the singing. Church let out about 12:45 and then it was time to eat!
It wasn't until after I ate when I realized my camera battery was not to be. Too bad too because I had brought bubbles for the kiddos. My thought process was that would be some cute pictures. Maybe next time.
All in all it was a great day. A great service, great meal, great fellowship and only 2 minor bee stings.
I made a list of all the dishes I made so I could let you know who gave me what. I promise that when I find that list I will post it. At this time it seems to be missing in action. Thanks to all who sent me an idea. I tried 99% of them.
Pictures from Homecoming are coming, I just don't have that many or time to upload them.


AmyT said...

That always seems to happen to me with camra batteries!!!! arrrghhhh!! Glad you made it in time though!!! sounds like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Sounds like me on a Sunday! Sounds like you had a great day though! :)