Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wood Pond Designs

Rainbow Jumble Ball
fun, bright colors, and bold patterns (dots and striped) to visually stimulate baby, soft, squashy, and lightweight so the ball is easy to pick up and grab.
They are great for young babies for tummy time - they either have a few jingle bells or a rattle inside. Because she uses cotton fabric and polyfill, they are also safe for teething and completely washable.
She uses a variety of different textured ribbons. Jumble Balls are a great handmade learning/developmental toy. They are great for babies, toddlers (fun to roll or toss and safe too), and even young children learning to throw and toss.
These are a unique item created by Jennifer based on a quilted ball her mom used to make (she's a quilter). She started making them for friends having babies and they were such a hit, she decided to make them for her Etsy Shop. She also made sock monkeys, and other plush critters.
She loves upcycling wool sweaters because they come out so soft and cozy.

Winner will be drawn on July 29th.


Brandi said...

My son would love this

Jessiecue said...

absolutely adorable

Audrey said...

What a cute toy and a really great shop!! Would make a wonderful baby gift.

Alexis said...

i am in total love with this!!!