Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend is over and I am so not happy about that. Actually I really don't feel like I even had a weekend since I worked Saturday. After work Friday night Tim and I headed to k-town. The plan was to eat dinner and then get my daddy's birthday gift. That planned got a little off point and ended bad..... very bad. We had a yummy dinner at O'Charley's and then made one stop. One very long stop at H.H. Gregg. Tim left with a new surround sound system and I left mad. By the time we pulled out of the parking lot, Target was closed and I had zero gifts for Daddy. Not even a card. So the rest of the evening was spent in silence. I think he got the picture.
Saturday morning I hurled myself out of bed and into a warm shower. Well more like a scalding shower. Sometime during the night I lost my covers. Needless to say I woke up like an ice cube. Apparently I used all the hot water trying to warm up. Sorry mama!!!!!! Saturday mornings at the bank are usually all the same. It starts out a little slow and then around 11 a.m. everyone starts rolling out of bed and into our drive thru. Luckily I wasn't working in the drive thru this Saturday!!!!!
After work I went to Tim's for a much needed nap! (Oh and yes I can have a nap because I have a job that I go to each day. I am not a lazy, lay at home, non worker who thinks a nap is a daily necessity) Too bad that didn't happen. Tim and Jordy were gone to the F 100 super nationals so I decided to clean. It's so much easier to clean when he isn't home. I get to put things where I want them. Ha Ha Cleaning around all the new surround sound wiring wasn't easy. I wasn't there when he hooked everything up so I wasn't sure what could be moved or even touched. It all still worked Saturday night so no damage done!!!
Saturday was Daddy's birthday. He has so many fav places to eat it was hard for him to choose where he wanted his birthday dinner. In the end he chose Mr. Gatti's! Yummy!! I heart Gatti's! Lily calls it Mr. Spaghetti's. Apparently Cassie and I had the same idea on birthday cards, but I am pretty sure he liked mine better! (Sorry sis)
We have been looking a stressless chairs the last couple of months. Tim has back and neck issues. The fact that he is 25 and already having them worries me. Stressless chairs are suppose to help with back and neck problems. We found a really good deal on one Saturday. It actually matches the couch!!! (All of my furniture must match!) Maybe now we can get rid of the non-matching blue recliner from the 80's! Tim actually let me help him assemble it. It took some convincing, but I reminded him that I had put some baby things together for Miss Pres so I have experience. He reminded me that Preslee hasn't used any of her things yet, so we really can't be sure that they are assembled 100% correctly.
Yesterday was another gloomy, rainy, cold Sunday. I am over cold weather!!!! The rain not so much. Rain is okay on Sundays. It helps me nap! I didn't really need to nap yesterday. I needed to accomplish some things. Ahhh but alas I slept. I did catch you guys up on pictures though. A little credit please!!!!! We didn't have church last night since Preacher Lee is still healing from surgery. So we spent the night watching Charlie, Alan and Jake.
Anybody watch Two and a Half Men??? It's our fav show. Tim has the TIVO set for every episode and we normally play catch up on the weekends. Thats how we spent Sunday night. Curled up on the couch with Charlie, Alan and Jake. Oh and strawberry delight!!!! Tim's mama made fresh strawberry delight yesterday. Oh I was in Heaven!!!