Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ER, Swine Flu and pain meds

What do these things have in common? Well lets ask Tim. Oh wait we can't. Wonder why? Because he is asleep right now for the first time in 3 days. No he doesn't have the swine flu, but I am fairly certain that a girl in the ER waiting room had it last night. Lets recap the night if for no other reason than to prove yet again that I was right and Tim was wrong.
I was suppose to do 3 photo sessions yesterday afternoon and then spend the rest of the night editing previous sessions. I was suppose to get to put on my comfy pj's, roll up on the couch with my laptop and edit. I was looking so forward to catching up on the West Wing episodes that I had TIVO'd while I finally finished these last two editing sessions. Well I almost accomplished my goals.
Tim started coughing on Tuesday and since he has training this week he was really trying to shake it off. I tried to get him to go to the doc. He declined. (This is the first time I was right and he was wrong) He didn't sleep Tuesday night and didn't eat breakfast on Wednesday morning.
Now if you know Tim you know that he eats as often as a kindergartner. He normally has breakfast at home, breakfast at work with the guys, a snack, lunch, another snack, supper and then usually a snack before bed. I am constantly fussing about his eating habits. Anyway he just didn't have an appetite. (I tried again to get him to see a doc so this was 2nd attempt)
He went on to class in k-town even though I wanted him to go to the doc. About 11:30 he texted me and said that he felt terrible and didn't know if he could make it all day. I finally convinced him to let me call his doc. Luckily, they gave him an appointment for today at 3:15. (which I need to call and cancel by the way)
He was really struggling to drive home yesterday. God took care of him though and he made it home safely. We got to the apartment at the same time and lets just say that he was looking bad. His face was pale and he had very little energy. For some reason he decided a shower was going to help. I was pretty sure it wouldn't, but didn't argue. Again I was right and he was wrong. I left to do the sessions and when I got back he was curled up on the couch freezing. See I was right, it didn't help! The man gene in him was making him act like a tough guy, but I could see the sick in his eyes. I can remember my mama saying that when I was little. She always knew when I was really sick and when I just didn't want to go to school.
After a quick temp check (100.6) I decided he was going to the ER. Can you see little ole 105lb me trying to make a big strong 205lb guy go to the ER? It was not pretty! After a little begging from me he finally agreed.
So after a trip to the ER where I quite possibly contracted the swine flu, the pharmacy for meds, Arby's for food he wouldn't eat and the gas station we fianlly made it back to the apartment. He usually walks me to my car at night, but last night he barely made it to the bed.
Turns out he doesn't have the swine flu (thank you GOD) but he is sick. Lots of coughing, sneezing, fever, throwing up......etc. You get the picture right? Hopefully, a day at home resting combined with some meds will ensure that he can go take his test tomorrow and ace it. Hey at this point I think we will both be glad if he just passes it!
We are very thankful that he has great insurance. Its nice to be able to make an ER trip and not have to worry about how you are going to pay for it.
Please pray that Tim gets better and can go tomorrow.
He only has to take the test and then he can come home and rest.