Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goodwill finds

If you know anything about me then you know I am a goodwill fanatic. It's very rare that I leave a goodwill run empty handed.

This was my favorite item so I posted it first. Seriously how can you turn down a Tommy skirt for $5?
Look at this precious Carter's outfit I found for Miss Preslee!
Again how do you pass on a $1 outfit from Carter's????

I loved this denim skirt. It is from Gap and for $2.50 a really great steal!!!!!!
I was going to wear it to church this morning, but couldn't find the right shoes.
Ummmm maybe a run to Ross can change that!!!!
This is also for Miss Pres!!!! I adore Tye Dye for kids. This is a Carter's onesie and I got it for $.50!!!!!

Sorry this is sideways. I was sure that I flipped it. Oh well. This cute mini is Old Navy. I think it was maybe $4!

Check out this tee! I heart anything greek so I couldn't pass this up. Even though it is yellow I still like it. Yellow isn't my color. Hardly ever do I wear yellow. Yuck! I really liked what this one said on the back.

During UT football season we have orange and khaki Fridays. Normally, I don't enjoy those days because orange isn't one of my fav colors either. Oh gasp I know!!! How could an east Tennessean say such a thing right??? Welp sometimes the truth hurts!

Anyway I absolutely fell in love with this though!!! Its a Jones New York and for $4 I was more than thrilled! Hey who knows I may actually look forward to football time in Tennessee with this top! Yeah probably not! Sorry sis!

Ohhhhh greek letters and polka dots!!!! What could be better??????


Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

I have never thought to look at goodwill for furniture but you just gave me a great idea!