Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goodwill finds

If you know anything about me then you know I am a goodwill fanatic. It's very rare that I leave a goodwill run empty handed.

This was my favorite item so I posted it first. Seriously how can you turn down a Tommy skirt for $5?
Look at this precious Carter's outfit I found for Miss Preslee!
Again how do you pass on a $1 outfit from Carter's????

I loved this denim skirt. It is from Gap and for $2.50 a really great steal!!!!!!
I was going to wear it to church this morning, but couldn't find the right shoes.
Ummmm maybe a run to Ross can change that!!!!
This is also for Miss Pres!!!! I adore Tye Dye for kids. This is a Carter's onesie and I got it for $.50!!!!!

Sorry this is sideways. I was sure that I flipped it. Oh well. This cute mini is Old Navy. I think it was maybe $4!

Check out this tee! I heart anything greek so I couldn't pass this up. Even though it is yellow I still like it. Yellow isn't my color. Hardly ever do I wear yellow. Yuck! I really liked what this one said on the back.

During UT football season we have orange and khaki Fridays. Normally, I don't enjoy those days because orange isn't one of my fav colors either. Oh gasp I know!!! How could an east Tennessean say such a thing right??? Welp sometimes the truth hurts!

Anyway I absolutely fell in love with this though!!! Its a Jones New York and for $4 I was more than thrilled! Hey who knows I may actually look forward to football time in Tennessee with this top! Yeah probably not! Sorry sis!

Ohhhhh greek letters and polka dots!!!! What could be better??????


Mrs. Southern said...

I have never thought to look at goodwill for furniture but you just gave me a great idea!