Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2

Here are some pictures I took of miss Pres yesterday. She and Kristy are on their way home as I type!!!! I know Kristy is excited. She will be able to rest and recover easier at home.
She has a little scratch on her face from her fingernails. She likes to suck on her fingers and hand so sometimes those pesty nails get in the way.
I love this picture. Cody has done such a great job with her.

First family shot

This is Aunt Maddison. She was so excited to hold her new niece!

Papaw was too!

Macy not so much. I think she was a little upset to see Sarah holding Preslee. Bless her heart she didn't smile one single time.

Maddison was so great with her.

Taylor was all smiles. He did really well holding her. I love this picture!

Aunt Paige is a pro!!!!

I heart this picture!!!!!!

Riley wasn't sure what he thought about her.