Sunday, May 17, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Relay was May 1st and today is May 17th. Ummmm I am really slacking!!!! This year First Volunteer Bank's theme was from the 70's and we decided to tye dye tee shirts. When the idea was first discussed we were all thinking the same thing. How much is the whole process going to cost? Actually, it was really cheap. All you need is a tee, some $1.87 dye from Hobby Lobby, rubber bands, rubber gloves and hot water. We got the idea from Laura. One of her friends had a tye dye birthday party for her kids. Talk about fun!!!! If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive party theme this is it!

I take full credit for this tee. My mama would be so proud of me!!!!!
I also made the purple and white in the middle!!!!

This one is too cute!!! I love the starburst in the middle.

Monica and Shane
Awww they are so cute!!!

Laura and Cindi were getting a tad bit loopy by the end of the night!
I love these gals!

The Reynold's fam minus Micah.

Tim and Steve helped Dennis take down his tent. It was quite a sight to see. I wonder how many it took to set it up?

Here are two of CJUC's finest!!!! What would the water department do without them?
Melissa was taking a break.
Tim, Kelly and Steve were chatting in the rain. Ummm guys we have a tent!!!

Melissa won a cake in the cake walk. It looked yummy!!

Monica and Shane were resting!

Tye Dye fun!!!!!

Our campsite

Roane State's campsite