Saturday, May 9, 2009

And the total is........

The total is in.........Campbell County's 2009 Relay for Life raised $59,000.00!!! Was this our goal? No. Our goal was $70,000.00, but I am more than thrilled with $59K. Between the economy and the rain I think we did really well.
I ran into Daniel from Southern Charm Portraits a few days ago. Can you believe that after everything that SCP did for Relay, they still don't think they did enough? He had a really great outlook about Relay. Daniel said "Why should I wait until my wife or children get cancer to help Relay?" I had about the same thought about a year ago when I joined the Relay committee. That's why I Relay. It's sad to see people pass up a chance to help Relay and then run to them the minute they or someone they love gets cancer. Daniel said that SCP is going to start fundraising for 2010 even earlier than they did this year. I wish all the teams had the same mindset as SCP.
(Oh and by the way if you run into Rebekah and Daniel and they have Miss Reagan with them, have her sing her A,B,C's!!!! It's too cute!)
Our awards party is in June. That is when we find out who had the best campsite, banner and theme. I will post the winners after.
Thanks to all the teams that participated. I can't wait to see how well we do next year!!!