Friday, May 8, 2009

How long can I stay awake?

******I am half asleep so if this post doesn't make sense you know why********
The clock says 10:38. I am watching Tim sleep. Not the most interesting thing ever, but he is having a hard time breathing. So here I sit with my laptop watching him breathe. For some odd reason I thought anti-biotics were suppose to help. Maybe not. His temp has went down, but he is still so weak. It's not like Tim to lay around all day.
He did go take the test this morning. I haven't said too much about it. He hasn't either. I think he thinks he didn't pass. If I were as drugged as he is I wouldn't pass either. He won't know for sure for about 6 weeks.
His appitete has picked up. Thank God!!!!! It's not back to normal yet, but getting there. The headache remains and his nose is running like a faucet. The color is coming back to his face. Oh and he actually laughed a couple of times at Tim the Tool Man Taylor!!!! He loves that stupid show. Me not so much.
After a quick walk around the park with Emily and Becky I spent the rest of the night editing. No it wasn't my idea to walk. I don't usually like exercise or sweating, but I had pictures for Em so I just stayed and walked with them. Turned out to be fun. Not the walking part, the talking part.
I am happy to say that I am caught up with editing. I gave Em hers last night. Jessica and Tracy are picking up theirs today and I have one more to deliver tonight. Considering that I have to work tomorrow I am looking forward to a night of rest!!!!!
Quick notes:
Tim's cousin who had blood clots on his lungs is home. They have put him on a blood thinner, Coumadin and oxygen. He has to be super careful on the specific blood thinner. If he gets cut he can bleed to death before he can get to the hospital. In 6 months he will be re-checked for blood clots. If he has any he will likely be on this thinner for the rest of his life. Please pray that all turns out well for him.
Tomorrow is Kristy's last day at work before her maternity leave begins. I know she is happy! We are all still praying that Preslee will turn on her own. I know some women opt for a C-section, but Kristy isn't one of them. Please help me pray that all will turn out well.
One of mine and Tim's really close friends is having trouble with his colon. I am not sure if he is surgery bound, but he has been off work quite a bit lately. He is really special to both of us, and I hate to see him sick. Pray that he will get better without surgery.
The clock now says 11:02. I think I will lay Tim's meds out and head home. Thankfully, the rain has stopped so I won't have to drive in it. Maybe tomorrow will be a rain free day. We haven't had anything but rain in days.