Monday, May 4, 2009

Relay Recap

These aren't my pictures I actually stole them from Ali's facebook, but I wanted to go ahead and post some. Actually, I didn't take many pictures at all. It was a little difficult with all the other things I had going on, but I did take some after the luminary ceremony. I am not sure where I would have hung my camera either. My walkie talkie, keys and cell phone were all hanging around my neck. I later regretted that decision. I also didn't want to get my camera wet because............

..........Yes it rained, no we didn't cancel. Just for future info we will never cancel Relay for Life due to rain. The only reason we have ever and will ever cancel is lightening. About a million people called and texted me asking if we were going to cancel. Its just too hard to reschedule an event this size so we contine. And continue is what we did. At one point I looked over at Roane State's tent to see 5 little girls hula hooping in the rain. They were having the best time!!!

Daniel from Southern Charm Portraits came over to me and showed me the doppler on his phone. He was so funny!!!!! Oh and the best part of the night??????? I got to carry miss Emmy around for a little while. She was so good and really happy. Everyone kept asking me if she was mine, and I was tempted to say yes!!!!!

The rain started around 6 and that was the same time everything else began. I was thinking that people would take one look outside, see the rain and stay home. Boy was I wrong. People were pouring in the gates with ponchos, rain coats and umbrellas. It always amazes me what people will do for Relay.

Guess what???? The rain stopped. Yep I can't remember the exact time, but at some point I looked up and our tent wasn't dripping!!!!! The field was soaked and so were we, but no one left. In fact people didn't start to leave until around midnight.

Unfortunatley, most of the teams packed up around midnight too. So I ended up leaving about 1:30 a.m.

Our tye dyed T's went over really well and so did the funnel cakes. Thanks to everyone who came out!!! I will post more later!!!

This is Stanfield Church of God.
Their drama program did an awesome job! These canvases started out blank, and then as they sang they painted each one. This is Jesus' foot. The others were of his hands and face.
Paige and Robin were dancing!!!! Sorry I missed this moment!

Check out our dancers! All the kids loved the stage.

Our fearless leaders Ali and Tracy.

More pictures to follow.........


Alexis said...

I was wondering how it went. Sounds like a lot of fun.