Thursday, May 7, 2009


Just wanted to update everyone on Tim. Oh and thank everyone for calling and checking on him. Well except those of you that sent him picture messages of pigs! Those we could have done without. Ha Ha

At 12:30 yesterday he still had a temp. After two doses of Advil it finally broke around 8 p.m. I can't tell you how happy I was to see 98.7 on that thermometer. Tim was getting aggravated at me because I was checking it so much, but fevers can be serious.

I tried most of the day to get him to eat. He managed to eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup and two crackers. Considering that he hadn't had anything in 2 days I thought that was good.

His meds really make him drowsy. He slept most of the day. If you know Tim, you know that that isn't him. If he sleeps past 10 a.m. he feels like he has slept the day away. Sleeping all day gave him a migraine. Combine a migraine with all his other symptoms and he had a pretty bad day.

I spent the day editing and cleaning. Clorox has made quite a profit on me this week. I disinfected all the door knobs, cell phones, remote controls, and bed covers. I also threw away his toothbrush and mine too since they are in the same holder. Gross!!!! I seem to throw away more toothbrushes than anything, but they hold bacteria. I am ok with spending $2.99 on a new toothbrush each month rather than taking a day off work sick.

Thankfully, he felt well enough to go take his test this morning. Hopefully, he will do well enough to pass it and he can move on to the next one. I am hoping it wasn't a mistake to let him drive. I say let him as if I had any control over the decision. Ha Ha

Normally a 70 or above is passing so I am praying for a 71. I know that seems like I don't believe in him. He is a super study bug and can usually ace tests, but he is on meds so I am not holding my breath. I know that he will do his best.

Today is another early day for me at work because I have to work on Saturday. I can't wait to see 2 p.m. I hope to spend the afternoon editing, and running some needed errands. Oh and lets hope I don't come down with Tim's sickness.

Pray that Tim does well on his test and can drive himself back home in one piece.


Jessiecue said...

Hey just letting you know that the other day Tracy and I were in Target and back by the toys they had all there cleaning supplies on sale. There was groups of 2 & 3 products for like $5. Just thought you would like to know considering all the cleaning you are doing. I am glad to hear that Tim is feeling better. I hope his test goes well today. Goodluck with the cleaning and editing. I am praying that you don't catch the sickness. Terri called us this morning Jordan woke up with similar symptoms.

Alexis said...

Glad he's doing better.

Hey, did you ever decide on the May giveaway? Just wondering...