Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another trip to the ER

I have no idea where to start this post. Please understand that I am heavily drugged at this time.

Last night before I left Tim's my face started burning and itching. This has happened before and my face ended up peeling for more than 2 weeks. This time it wasn't just my face, but my neck too. When I got home I took 2 benadryl and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning my face and neck were blood red, itching, burning and peeling. Also my eyes were nearly swelled shut. After a quick shower I headed to St.Mary's North ER. Luckily I was the only person in the waiting room so I was taken back very quick.

My nurse, David, was awesome. I am thinking of sending him a really nice thank you gift. He used humor to make me laugh while he was starting my iv. In the past I have had some serious issues with ER's. Last year when I had mono, I had to wait nearly 3 hours to see a doc in the ER.

Anyway after I got my iv it was determined that I had had an allergic reaction to Proactiv. Now I am sure everyone is familiar with this acne med. The odd thing is I have used proactiv in the past without any issues. So I was given a steroid, a histamine blocker, a stomach calmer and something else that I can't remember.

After those meds started to take effect my swelling went down tremendously. I was able to rest a little while at the ER and then around lunch they let me come home. Unfortunately, I was told to take benadryl every 4 hours. Ummmmmmm can we say drowsy? Yes I have spent most of the day asleep, but I can truly see the benefit.

I cannot say enough great things about St. Mary's North ER. From the receptionist to the doctor I was so impressed! These people need raises!!!!!! Oh and thanks to Cassie for bringing me lunch and getting my meds filled. I love ya sis!

So here I sit watching the Real Housewives of New York City reunion special, and lets just say these gals are all nuts! Bethenny and Jill are my favs, and Kelly is definitely my least fav. Her attitude kills me! Alex and Simon are odd and probably from another planet, but their kids (no matter how unbelievable at times) are too cute. Ramona just reminds me of a middle child who needed more attention growing up. I can't believe that Countess Lu Ann is getting a divorce!!! Well thank God she gets to keep her title right? Yes because that is more important that making sure her kids are handling the divorce well.

Its been a long day and I feel the benadryl kicking in so I think I will say goodnight, but before I do here are some prayer requests:

Our Preacher is having surgery on Friday. I wasn't feeling up to church tonight so I only have the details that Tim gave me, but he has had several heart attacks in the past. Tim mentioned something about his main artery being blocked. Please remember him and his daddy who is also sick.

Kristy went to the doc yesterday. Her C-Section is scheduled for the 18th. I am still praying that Miss Preslee will turn between now and then. Please pray with me. I have never had a c-section, but I hear that the recovery time is double.

One of the girls at work is having issues with her father. He had a bad car accident a couple of months ago, and is still in the hospital. He fell a few years ago and suffered a brain injury. Apparently he saw a news report one day last week about a shooting and thought it was happening to him. So their first thought was another brain injury. So far so good. My friend and her brother have hired sitters to stay during the day while they work and then take turns going over each night. They are both worn out and wondering if they are doing the right thing. Please keep them in your prayers. They lost their mother this time last year. So they really need your prayers. They are also looking for someone to stay with him during the day when he comes home. Anybody know someone?

Okay that's it for tonight. I am worn out!!!


Alexis said...

Hope you get better soon! I'll remember your requests.

Brandi said...

Hope you get better soon.
You have an award on my blog.