Monday, May 18, 2009

Husband Hunting Bra?

This is not celebrity-related in any way (unless Jennifer Aniston wants one), but this little goodie is the Konkatsu Bra, or "Husband Hunting Bra" by Triumph International Japan.

Apparently what Hiromi Nishiuchi is wearing has a clock on it that counts down until a desired marriage date. When she inserts an engagement ring in the heart-shaped slot above the clock, the clock stops and plays a wedding song.

The bra aims to cut down on that nasty trend of Japanese women marrying later in life, and gives them a little social pressure to deal with an aging population. We should get underwear here that counts down to high school graduation to cut down on teen pregnancies.

I love how cutting edge Japan is, but this may be taking it to the extremes! Bless those poor girls' hearts. Who knew finding a man in Japan was so difficult?


Alexis said...

Um, how do you say "that's so stupid I can't believe I'm actually commenting on it" in Japanese?