Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free Free at last

Ahhhhh debt free at last.....well not really......but kinda. Yesterday I paid off all my student loans! Unfortunately I am still in debt, but at one place with one payment and one really low interest rate! Because I attended a private college after Roane State my student loans skyrocketed! I had one at Y-12, another at Ed Financial and another at Nelnet. I am very thankful to have consolidated them into one. My stress level literally dropped overnight.
No longer will I be paying 3 small interest payments each month (never getting them paid down) I now can pay one payment!!!!!!!!
In other news..........Tim got a raise!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! In today's economy we are both really blessed to have great careers. Neither of us expected him to get a raise for a while. I am so proud of him. Hopefully, he will get the results back from his test and maybe get a promotion too! Please don't think I am bragging. I am not. We are truly blessed by God to be doing so well. I think if God blesses you, then you should share that with the world!
Preacher Lee had his surgery yesterday. We couldn't see him last night because he was still in ICU. Hopefully, he will be moved out into a room today and be home soon. As far as I know the surgery went well. (He had blockage in his Carotid Artery)
His daddy is still in the hospital. I heard a few reports from a couple of different sources yesterday. They all said the same that he was confused. Please continue to pray for him and Preacher Lee.
Ohhh and I haven't forgotten about posting pictures, I just haven't had the time! Maybe before Daddy's birthday dinner tonight I will post a few. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


Alexis said...

So...Tim got a raise! Maybe NOW you can start planning that wedding!

You do know I'm just kidding, right?