Sunday, May 17, 2009

Norris Dam

One night last week Tim, myself and his parents rode the motorcycles down to the dam. Since we have had rain nearly every day for 3 weeks the floodgates were open. It was something to see, and everybody was out to see. Honestly I have never seen that many people at the dam. Thankfully the motorcycles can both fit in one parking space!!!!!!

I probably shouldn't have been taking pictures while the bike was in motion, but I was. Don't worry I had my camera around my neck and yes I still had my helmet on. That was really the hard part. I couldn't see through the viewfinder, because I couldn't get my camera close enough to my face. Hey I think I did OK. I managed to get a shot of Tim's mama and daddy on their ride!!!!
What a face!!!! Ha Ha! He wasn't into pictures that night.

Tim and his Daddy. Can you see a resemblance????

I love this shot. The first person to make fun of my full face helmet is going to get it. Yes I know that full face helmets are for crotch rockets and super fast bikes, but............ I have issues with the turtle shells. When Tim first got the bike he bought me a turtle shell helmet. On our first ride (on the interstate) I was nearly choked to death by the strap. It was an extra small and still too big. Wind kept getting underneath and the strap nearly killed me. At one point Tim looked over at our shadow on the road and pulled over. He turned around so quick I thought his head was spinning off. He said "Tiff your helmet is falling off!" I said (well actually screamed) "NO IT ISN'T! IT'S JUST TOO BIG!" Yeah it was quite a while before I rode again. I ended up with a full face because it also keeps the wind out of my face. I am no longer strangled by a strap or smothered by wind. The best part??????? I can sing to myself and Tim can't hear me!!!! Otherwise he would make fun like he does in the truck!!

Tim and his mama. Can you tell they aren't camera people? Ha Ha