Monday, May 18, 2009

Weak in body, Strong in faith

Between church, work, friends and family I have lots of prayer requests.

Preacher Lee is home, but his daddy is not. I haven't heard a report on either of them today, but as of yesterday Preacher Charlie wasn't doing too well. Please continue to pray for them both.

Kristy is going in for her induction tomorrow. She is very nervous and anxious, but then who wouldn't be? Her pregnancy has been full of drama, so please help me pray that everything tomorrow goes smoothly.

I have a blogger friend who also needs prayers. Her husband recently underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor. They also just lost their little girl, Caden, who was 8 months old. On top of all that, Cari is also pregnant. I can't imagine dealing with those things and being pregnant. Thankfully, Andy is home and doing well. Cari is also doing well. Baby Rigg will be here soon. Please join me in prayer for this special family. I have never met them, but they are very special to my heart.

Cassie and Josh have a family member in need of prayer. Cassie, Josh and myself know and trust that God is in control and can handle all things. Pray Pray Pray!

My friend from work is still dealing with her father's health issues. He is no longer in the hospital. He was moved to a rehab facility. Hopefully, with lots of therapy and prayers he will be up and walking by himself soon. My friend needs your prayers just as much as her daddy. She is running back and forth between the rehab facility and work, plus her own things. She isn't sure if the decisions she is making are right. Remember them when you pray.

Even though all of these people are weak in body, I know that if they are strong in their faith of God all will work out. After all he does have a plan for each of us. We just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

P.S. I didn't start this blog as a prayer blog, but sometimes that is the task it takes. I have received several comments suggesting that I stop with the requests. Needless to say I have not published those comments nor will I. My suggestion to you is to stop reading my blog if you aren't comfortable with the content. This is my blog and I will post as I choose. I appreciate comments and enjoy reading them, but nasty comments are deleted.

Also if you have prayer requests that you would like for me to add to my posts please let me know. Prayer works and works even better in duplicate!


Ashley said...

don't stop with those prayer request, sometimes it helps to reach a couple more people to help you pray. don't you just love rude people that want to tell you what to do with YOUR blog.

Jessiecue said...

So I am going to give you an update on Charlie. The heart doctor stated that the last antibiotic was helping with the fluid around his heart. The lung doctor is stating that it isn't helping with the fluid around his lungs. They decided yesterday afternoon to start a new antibiotic. Well they are unsure which type of phuenomnia that it is causing all the fluid. So therefore we don't know the extent of the infection. Thank You for continuing to pray for him.

By the way we missed you at the game last night. She has a make up game on the 29th and the tournament is on the 30th Let me know if you think you are going to be able to make either of these. If not then I can find someone else to take the pictures. I just don't want to leave her hanging and her not be able to get a photographer to do them. From coaching she hasn't been able to get in pics for herself all season.

Juliet said...

Keep the prayer requests coming! That's one of the best things about blogs - sharing prayers!