Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More to follow!!!!!

Look at that face!
Uncle Jordy was on cloud nine! He kept ohhh and awwwing over her feet. She will not keep her feet covered up. Each time we tried to swaddle her she kept kicking her feet out.

Kristy's aunt Deda

Deda's daughter Mandy just had her second little boy a few weeks home!!! Not on purpose though! She woke up feeling an incredible urge to pee! Then her water broke and her husband delivered their son in their bed!!!! Wow talk about strong. Mandy has my vote for mom of the year!

Daddy and his girl!
Preslee got a tad bit mad when they came in to check her vitals. This was the only time she cried while we were there. Kristy said she had only cried twice all day. She didn't even cry when she had bloodwork done!

Uncle Jordy just couldn't get over those feet!

Sucking her thumb

Preslee and Paige
I love this picture of Paige!

Mama and her girl
Is that a smile I see?

Uncle Tim looks like a pro!
He almost didn't hold her.
It took some convincing from me and Kristy.
Finally, Deda just handed her to him.
More to follow later!