Friday, May 15, 2009

I love custom tees

Poor Ashley from Under the Polka Dot Tree has been worked to the bone by me this past week. Here are two more creative shirts she made for me, or should I say for Cassie and Megan.
Bless her heart she didn't even have time to finish these shirts before I was making another order. Keep checking back to see what she makes me next!

The first one is for Miss Cass. She sells Avon. I thought this would be a great way for her to advertise! Ash did a great job. I love it and Cassie will too!

This one is for Meg. She has just started her own hair salon called Simplicity. I thought she may need a way to advertise too, so here we are. Her salon sign is black and red so this tee is perfect. Megan's birthday was Monday so this is going to be a late gift.

Thanks again Ash!!!!! I love the shirts and can't wait for the next round!!!!
Oh and if you like the things she has made for me, go over to her blog and let her know. Encouragement helps us all!!!!!