Saturday, May 9, 2009

May Giveaway

May's giveaway almost slipped my mind. Thanks to Alexis for bringing it to my attention. This month I am doing a customized shirt or towel from Under the Polka Dot Tree. This is my friend Ashley's business. Her son Kolton is her inspiration.

Here are the details:

Go to Ashley's blog,, and check out her custom things. Decide what you would want if you were to win. Comment on her blog and then on mine. Be sure to tell both of us what you liked. That way we can be sure to get it right. I will draw on May 31st. You get one entry for commenting on mine and once for commenting on hers. Now if you have already purchased an item from her let me know. I will enter you once per item. That also goes for anything you purchase in the month of May.
Oh and as always referrals count too!!! If a friend comments of makes a purchase they will be entered and you will get two more entries.

The customizing of the winning item can't be anything extreme. Lets not forget that in this economy Ashley has been really nice and agreed to do this for FREE. So lets not go crazy and take advantage her her niceness.So go check out her awesome creations.
Look at the shirt she made for Megan. This is her birthday gift from me. I love the zebra print!


Jessiecue said...

I just went over and told Ashley that one of her towels with Daria's name on it would be lovely.

Lindsey said...

I like the "keegan" shirt on your blog! CUTE! My Bennett would be adorable in it!

MelissaS said...

How cute and she is local I love her stuff. I wish i had a little girl to dress up , my boy's would look alittle funny in polka dots. I am very interested in gifts !!!!! I love making it personal, If I win however I would love a towell that has Alex & Brax on it !!!!!