Sunday, March 15, 2009

Women's Day Expo

I love the Women's Day Expo. No matter what is going on I go every year. Cassie and I got a late start, which was totally my fault, but we had a great time. This year was really special for me since Robin Roberts was there. Robin is on Good Morning America. I love love love her! Every morning I watch GMA while I get ready for work, then on the way to work I listen to it on the radio. You would be surprised at how much I learn! Anyway I was sure that we had missed her since we didn't get a parking place until 12:01. Right as we walked in the door I heard ticket girl tell someone that Robin was speaking at 12:30. Cassie and I headed straight over to the stage and of course couldn't get a seat. So instead we stood next to the stage with about a million other people. Robin surprised everyone by bringing Pat Summit! I have pictures, but I will have to wait until I use Tim's high speed. Dial up stinks!

Anyway after we looked all the booths over, had some samples, and of course bought some awesome things we were ready to leave. For some reason we walked by the WBIR booth one last time. Guess who was there? Bill Landry from the heart land series. I love him! He was super nice and let me have a picture made with him. Then we talked for a few minutes. He was really really nice!!!!!

Of course we did some shopping after the expo. How could I leave k-town without making a stop at Target? I am glad I did. Target was having a great sale. I got some long sleeve onesies for $1.48. I have some plans up my sleeve for them.

All in all it was a great day.