Monday, March 30, 2009

Anybody ever made a pillowcase dress?

Me either, but I am gonna try tonight! After many long hours and weighing the pros and cons of each I have decided on which sewing machine to get!!!! I know I know a big decision right? Well actually it was. I didn't want one that I couldn't get 95% use out of. I needed one that was small yet functionable. It can do 500 things, but if I can't use at least 495 of them, then I don't want it.

My first project with my new toy is going to be a pillowcase dress. I have never made one, but the idea looks simple enough. With spring in the air I am feeling more creative than ever. Lets just hope that I don't try to take on more than I can handle!!!

Kristy's shower is this Saturday and I am so not ready! I still have to wrap her gift, gather my outfit and accessories and get the ingredients for the food I am making. I really shouldn't say making since I am only washing, cutting and stragetically placing fruit and veggies on trays. Ha Ha! I still have a few projects up my sleeve too. I started working on a sign for Preslee's bedroom door, but now that its painted I am having second thoughts. I will post pictures tonight. Maybe I can use my new sewing machine to accomplish some of my ideas!!!!!

Quick note! Tim's cousin Jason and his wife Stacy are going in today to have their baby Shalynn. Shalynn is breech so a C-Section is a must. Say a prayer that all goes well for them!!!!!


Kristy said...

I appreciate everything you have done for Preslee and the shower. I love it all. Your such a great friend THANKS!

cyoung said...

My mom makes pillowcase dresses and she said they're very easy to make. Good luck!