Sunday, March 1, 2009


These are some projects I have been working on all week.
I promise this is a "T" Tim says it looks like a "J"

This is for Kristy's baby Preslee. She will be here in March!!!!!

I made this for Kendra. It isn't done yet though!!!!!!

These make great doorhangers!
This one is a birthday gift.

I promised Tim I would clean up my mess!

The "S" before anything!!

Bethany's "B" before the bow and hanger

Yes I know what this stands for, but overlook it! I was really tired and not thinking

My mess


Jessiecue said...

Hey what would you charge me to make one of those for Daria her birthday is coming up in April and I think they are really cute.

Anonymous said...

Tiff!! I absolutely love what you have made for Preslee.. your awesome!! Thanks alot.

cyoung said...

Those are adorable!

Danielle Ridenour said...

too cute tiff