Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An afternoon with the McKamey gals!

All three girls have the BEST facial expressions!

Hannah was showing me an "easier" way to climb to her clubhouse. Yeah I still didn't try it!

Look at that face!
Leah had a tiny accident. She took a tumble down the bank. Bless her heart!

Bethany decided that Jack needed a bath so she tossed him into the pool. Yep Jack spazzed out and Beth had a good laugh! Jack kept his distance the rest of the night!

I took some of the left over dresses from the prom show down to Em's house last night. You should have seen her living room. We had dresses hanging everywhere! Miss Brittany (Em's niece) was looking for a dress. She did a little mini fashion show for us. I think she picked the best one. It needs a new zipper, but her mamaw can take care of that.

Anyway while I was there I played outside with the girls. It was such a nice day. The girls decided to make a clubhouse on the side of a bank. Not exactly the safest place, but fun for them none the less. Hannah really wanted me to climb the bank, but I wasn't brave enough. She was very disappointed.

These girls are very creative. Look at how they took their daddy's bungee cords and tied both their barbie jeeps and Hannah's bicycle together. Bethany promised me that this death trap didn't actually run and its more of a "pretend thing" as she called it. lol