Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duck Duck Goose

Nope I am not trying to recruit you to play a game of duck duck goose with me! I am trying to save all you mommy's out there tons of money!!!!!
Duck Duck Goose is a huge consignment event held annually in K-town. They have infant, children, pre-teen, teen and even maternity clothes for sale! The best part is all things are dirt cheap because they are used!
I am definately going since Hannah and Lily are for ever more needing clothes. I get them clothes at goodwill quite a bit and always check clearance racks when I am shopping. Kids are just too messy to pay $100 for each outfit. Don't get me wrong I buy nice new clothes for them, but not everyday!
You can sell your things there too!
The sale is April 2-6 right beside the Target next to West Towne Mall.
If you are interested in working a "shift" during the sale it would be to your benefit. The workers recieve special "worker only" hours to shop. During this time you can find things that no one has even seen yet! Imagine getting the good stuff before it gets picked over!
They also have a special shopping time for 1st time moms or if your child is under the age of one. I e-mailed the link to Kristy!!! This would be a great place for her to get Preslee some adorable things.


Hannah said...

That sounds great...too bad I don't live closer :( I love good sales! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm enjoying reading yours!