Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prom & Bridal Fashion show & Expo

Leah was helping clean up!
This dress just fit her
She looked awesome!

She is a doll!

One booth had some really neat eye make up. Almost every girl walked out with her eyes done. That included these gals! Bethany loved hers!

So did Morgan......



........and Emily!

This black dress was Jessica Byrge's prom dress from her senior year. I love it!

I loved this blue and white

I wore this one in Cassie's Wedding

These girls all cheer at CCHS

I loved this dress that Haley has on. I actually tried it on, but Haley looked way better!

I still have all of these if anyone is interested!

Paige, Courtney & Monica

These girls were my favorites

Bethany, Taylor & Morgan

This is Miss Bethany. You may have seen her and her sisters on a previous post. They are Tim's little cousins and I just adore them and their mama. Bethany was so nervous before she went out and then after she was done she wanted to go again!!!!!

Me & Melissa.
The fashion show was over by the time I realized that I hadn't changed out of my set up clothes to my nice clothes!
I swear I was going to!

Miss Emily showing off the train
This was my prom dress from senior year.
I loved it!


Courtney looked great in my dress!



This is Tim's cousin Emily. I absolutely love her and her mom. Her mom reminds me of my mom.
She was the first person I asked to model.
Personally I think thats what she should be when she grows up.
Look at those eyes! Not only did Em model she also donated a dress. It's the green one that Morgan wore.
No one bought it so if you are interested let me know!
Check out these beautiful girls!

Monica & Cindi

Monica looks so happy to be in a wedding dress.
(Just a not about Mon.....she always says that she wants to get married again.....but to her same husband of course! LOL I love Mon!)

Cindi looked beautiful!

Sports Chics

SohieMac Photography

This is Matt. He is on First Volunteer's Junior Board of Directors.
I want to especially thank him since he was the only boy from junior board to show up!
Bethany was taking a break and relaxing on her cool couch!

Melissa and her son Alex.
He really didn't want his pic taken with her.

Roane State sold cookies and drinks!
Thanks Tracy

Grace & Bailey

Miss UT and Miss Knoxville

Rack #1
I still have most of these dresses so call if want to look at some
Rack #2

Signing autographs

It looked much better on Courtney and Emily than on this hanger

Melissa doing Grace's hair and make up

That's my mama!!!! I love her! She came down and did some of the girls hair.

Becky has the cutest stuff!


Ali & Emmy

Doesn't Josh look handsome? He was such a dear to come help us out! What other guy would have given up a day of golf to wear a suit on his Saturday off ?
Thanks Josh I owe you!

This was part of Polkadaisies booth

Some of my beautiful models!

Shew the event is over......and I am exhausted! No kidding! I didn't even get to take very many pictures! Thanks to my sis for taking care of the fashion show pictures! I also want to thank all the vendors who came out! Everyone was awesome and I only wish more people had come to see your booths. In all honesty I don't know what more I could have done to draw in people. In addition to my blog most of the vendors blogged about it, I ran an ad in the press every week for over a month, we had models from Anderson County High, Campbell County High and Jellico High. It was announced a couple of times a day at each school and all the info was on facebook.
Oh well I am more than pleased with the turn out we had. The final total isn't in yet, but I will let everyone know how much was raised. Sorry these pictures are all out of order, but I am worn out and just want to go take a nap!