Friday, March 27, 2009

Four wheeling friends

This is going to be a long post, but I had so many pictures to choose from it was hard to narrow them down.
Jordy is an awesome subject.
Check out these pictures from last weekend.

Yes I realize that he is wearing zero head gear, but he wouldn't listen!

I love this face!

The thought process behind this picture was to see myself in Tim's sunglasses. I stole this idea from Rebekah and Daniel at Southern Charm Portraits. Thanks guys! I think it would have turned out better if Tim had cooperated a tad bit more. He was not interested in this concept at all.

Jordy thought something I said was so funny that he nearly fell off the four wheeler!

Well actually he did roll around on the ground for a minute!

I love this one!

Tim looks mad! I promise he wasn't. I think he was just over having his picture taken.

My poor rainboots have seen better days!

Love that face!
I thought this one was a good one to end on!