Thursday, March 26, 2009

New things are coming!!!

I spent most of last night monogramming! Did I mention I love monogrammed things? I especially love them for babies. Last night's project was a bib for Preslee. I got her name finished, but not the little pink feet. I promise to post pictures soon. Hopefully I will finish the bib tonight so I can start working on her socks.

If you would like to have something monogrammed let me know. Cost varies depending on the item, how many letters and how long it takes me to make it. For instance if I were selling this bib (which I am not its a gift for Kristy) it would be $12. I can do creepers, caps, socks, blankets, bibs, mittens, cloth baskets, etc....... You dream it I can do it.


t.l.wilson said...

Hey, I have another baby shower in April. I would like to have a bib and a shirt done for her. Can you do that?

T Sharee said...

Yes I can. What name do you need and what is the gender?