Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

How is the weekend already over?
Seriously I don't know where my time goes. Oh wait now I remember........
Friday was a crazy day at work. It was after 7 p.m. before I finally got everything done, and got out the door. Normally, it doesn't bother me to work long hours but I was suppose to meet the girls for dinner at 7. So as usual I was late, which I hate, but was none the less. Downtown and Market Square are two of my favorite parts of Knoxville. Market Square has the BEST restaurant, Tomato Head, and I could eat there daily! By the time I parked, walked and found the girls they were already eating. SUPER! After we ate, and I managed to spill my entire (non-alcoholic) drink on me and the table next to us, we went to Oodles and Uncorked. It's a wine bar two doors down from Tomato Head. For some reason I just wasn't feeling girls night. After a non-stop day at work and my spill at dinner I just wanted to leave, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Remember "My Person"? Well I don't get to see him very much. BUT.....on my way home I text him to see if he was still awake. His response was "I don't know if I am or not" which just made me laugh. I'm pretty sure I either woke him up, or he was just about to go to bed. Anyway I ended up getting to see him for a few minutes! It may not sound like much, but i'll take a few minutes anyday over nothing at all.
Saturday started a little slow. I spent most of the morning cleaning and organizing, and ended the day working my closet into shape. I am happy to report that it looks much better. It's not as tidy as I would like, but I have to work with what space I have. I feel blessed to have a closet and clothes to hang in it. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am.
Today was a whirlwind! Mama, Daddy and I spent most of the day shopping. We went baby shopping!!!!!!!!!!! Sears was having an amazing sale! We found Cassie, well Tatum or Reese, an Eddie Bauer stroller, pack and play and wooden high chair for a grand total of..........$113!
I am all about clearance sales, and searching for a good deal! I can't even tell you how happy Mama and I were when we saw this whole set so cheap. Poor Daddy! We made him stand and guard all the items while we kept looking. Mama almost bought her crib too, but they only had a display on sale. Daddy just laughed everytime one of us brought him something eles to watch. He's laid back that way. Finally, after a full day of looking at all things baby we took everything to Cassie's. Bless her heart she is having a really rough time. This baby is making her so sick. I wish I had a picture of her face when she saw us carrying in all her things.
In an extra effort to lift her spirits, I put her stoller together. Then I made her practice breaking it down, and setting it up. Ummmmmmm..............she is going to get some looks the first time she goes to the mall and has to get that stroller out alone. Oh well you know what they say....practice makes perfect!
Now I am home, and exhausted!
This week is going to be extra long. We worked 5 days last week, and we are working 5 days this week. So much for my errand day Friday! Plus this week I am housesitting a couple of a big house......alone! Yea, hopefully I will be so worn out from work that I will fall FAST asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!