Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Remember when I said I LOVE my job? I may have forgotten to mention that I don't LOVE it everyday. Today was one of those days. For some reason people just don't show up for dental appointments. Not only do they not show up, they don't leave a message to cancel, answer when we call to reschedule or send in payments. When a patient doesn't show up, then we can't perform a service that we can't charge for, that will in turn pay my salary. See where i'm going with this? If I want to continue to get paid, patients MUST show up, have dental procedures performed and most importantly.....PAY! Dentistry is the only profession I know of where a person can have a service performed, and not pay. It's beyond me how a person can do that. Oh well it is what it is. Maybe I am just tired from two nights of not so great sleep. So I apologize for my cranky tone, and promise to perk up........tomorrow!
So in an attempt to relieve this lovely headache I am going to:

1. Watch Grey's even though its an old episode. By the way why is it not a new episode? Last week was old, but the week before was new. Anyway......

2. Have my favorite meal....SUSHI! Not this much, although I could probably eat this whole plate if it was in front of me right now. Crunchy shrimp is my favorite roll!

3. Cherry coke just reminds me of my childhood.
Sonic has the best especially if I ask for an extra shot of cherry syrup.

Hopefully, these three things will wipe my headache out and tomorrow will be a much much less stressful day!

On a very happy side note: "My Person" made my day once again today!
I swear he has no idea how great he is, even though I keep telling him!
Just in case you missed it the last 25 times I have said it....
.....He really is my most favorite person!