Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Monday.........why can't we be friends?

Two posts in one night?
See I can do it!
Honestly I am exhausted and would rather be in bed, but this day was just so much fun I want to document it. When I say fun I really mean miserable! Today has been the worst day. I had to take a 15 minute break this morning to cry. Yes, I cried at work. No, it didn't help. It only made me more mad that I crumbled. Miraculously minutes after my breakdown I checked my phone and had a text from my favorite person, who told me that everything would be ok. Of course he was usual. Thanks to the girls at work, and a private lunch in my car with my audio book I was feeling better by the afternoon.
The entire day wasn't a waste. I got home to find my parents at my apartment......with tape measures in hand........apparently I am getting a new bed. Dad said "I bet you wish you had never given us keys huh?" All I could do was laugh. I wish they wouldn't spend so much money on me, but they like to help so why stop them. When I first moved out they were really sad, and I felt guilty. Then I realized the best thing to do was include them. So I made them both a key and let them basically move me in. It made Dad feel better that he could plug in all my electronics correctly, and Mom of course wanted to organize and decorate. There was a time in my not so distant past that I would have fought them on these things, but not now. One might say I don't need to be in control as much. Maybe that's a sign of maturity?
So it's 9:03 p.m. and I am going to bed.
P.S. I love my new background!
Thanks Shabby Blogs!