Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow day= tv day

Guess what? It's STILL snowing. Y'all know how much I dislike snow, so waking up to see it covering EVERYTHING outside didn't thrill me. Still I decided since I was doomed to be stuck at home all day I might as well spend it wisely......doing laundry and watching tv. Exciting life huh?
I started the day with Twister. CLASSIC!

Then it was time for a new classic. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been favorites of mine since elementary school. My Mom would read me and my sister his adventures, so of course when the movie came out I was excited! Side Note: I have probably watched it at least 40 times since it was relaesed. Robert Downey Jr is another fav of mine. They couldn't have cast a better actor to play Holmes. The sequel is due out December 2012!!!!

What's a tv day without any Teen Mom? MTV has a hit on their hands. Maci and Bentley are my favorites, but I like Catelynn and Tyler too. The moms on Teen Mom 2 don't seem as interesting, but i'm sure i'll watch. It drives me crazy that these girls start their episodes thinking its all going to be a breeze, then by the end they are crying saying they had no idea how hard it was going to be. Hopefully, tons of teenagers are watching and seeing its not a walk in the park to have a baby, go to HIGH school, homework, work and do things at home. Oh yea and still have time for friends.

I finally watched Julie and Julia. Julia Child's voice always got on my nerves. Even as a child when my Mom would watch her, she just got on my nerves. After watching this movie I have a new appreciation for her and all she accomplished. I'd never heard of Julie Powell until this movie. Making a recipe daily and then blogging about it for 365 days seems like a daunting task to me. I can barely blog daily just about my everyday life! The ending wasn't quite what I expected. Just in case you haven't seen it, i'll stop there.

Who doesn't love Raymond? Can you think of any other way to spend two hours while folding clothes?

Last but certainly not least..........Sex and the City is now on E! Which means even though I have every season on DVD, I can start over from the beginning. Good thing, because I don't have my DVD player hooked up and my laptop is currently rejecting any DVD I try to play. I'm not exactly a tech person. So until I can get my laptop back to the shop, i'll be watching E!

It's only 8:25 p.m. but I have had all the TV I can take for one day. Not that the internet is any more interesting. Cabin fever has set in, and all I can think about is leaving these 4 walls tomorrow. Hopefully, Mr. Sunshine will come out tomorrow and melt this wicked white stuff! Then maybe I can find my sanity.