Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day # 2

Day 2 of being held hostage by the wicked white (HUGE) waste of time went something like this....................
I started the day, (and will end) with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.
In all honesty these girls didn't interest me until this season. After watching I have decided they are the funniest of any city. D.C. has been my favorite overall so far. Imagine that! Hahaha! Ne Ne has the best personality, and Kandi really can sing! Too bad Kim hasn't realized she can't! Poor Cynthia...bless her heart and that friendship contract too! If someone gave me a friendship contact I would probably walk better yet, RUN away! It's Sunday which means a new episode tonight!! Love that Ne Ne's face was the first I saw today, and will probably be the last!

Who still watches The Nanny? I do!!!!!!!

If you haven't seen Tyler Perry's Why did I get married, you MUST!
Tyler Perry is a genius! His movies are hilarious!

What's a snow day without a Gilmore Girls marathon? This is one of those shows that I got into after it was on a few years. I never watched it on the WB. When Fox Family picked it up and started from the beginning I just to happen to be going through a break-up. It was a Friday night, and I was home sulking. Gilmore Girls came on and I fell in love. Now I have all the seasons on DVD.

If you read my blog then you know I am a DEMOCRAT....and YES I am proud of it! However, just because I am a Democrat that doesn't mean I hate Republicans. In fact sometimes I actually agree with them. Not often, but it has happened. Anyway TLC's show Sarah Palin's Alaska got my attention. I don't like Sarah Palin as a politician, but as a Mom trekking her family over Alaska teaching them about their heritage....I really do like her. Again Sarah Palin the politician.....not so much. Believe it or not I was sad to read that her show isn't being picked up for a second season. People can say whatever they want about her politics and policy views (Yes I have) but she really is doing a great thing. Not only for her kids, but Alaska too. Before this show I didn't know half of what I know now about Alaska. A trip may be in my near future!!!!!!

On Jan 30th, TLC will be showing Kennedy Family Movies. The program is going to be hosted by Stockard Channing, who I love love love, and will show never before aired home movies. I love love love the Kennedy's. This is one program I won't miss!

All the snow that melted today is about to be replaced. The last weather report I heard called for at least 3 more inches tonight. Tomorrow will be day 3 of cabin fever, not sure I will survive!