Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's get organized!

Three blog posts in one night?
I know.....i'm just as proud of myself as you guys are!

Even though its the very last thing I wanted to do tonight, I organized my closet!

Sound fun?

Well what else would I do on a Saturday night?

My closet is so tiny, and I have soooooooooo many clothes. At the beginning of every season I take a day and go through EVERYTHING. Normally I end up with 2 or 3 bags to drop off at Goodwill, but its still not enough. My closet door literally wouldn't close this morning.

Quick Side Note: 1. I hate to be late

2. I lay my clothes out at night to avoid being late

3. It stresses me out if I have to re-pick an outfit last minute!

This morning I was too busy listening to C-Span to notice that I had toothpaste on my dress. Glad I saw it.........2 minutes before I was about to leave! So guess who had to scramble to find a new dress, last minute? Guess who had to change her jewelry, shoes and leggings to match the new dress? Guess who was so frustrated that she DIDN'T listen to her audio book this morning? Shocked? Yea me too, but I needed something to change my mood! So Michael Jackson it was!

Okay back to the closet is a mess!

It just needed some TLC and organizing.

(I was reciting that phrase to myself over and over again)

If it were better organized then maybe I wouldn't have to go on an hunting expedition, like I did this morning!

I would LOVE to have a walk in closet organized similar to this!!!!!!

Look at all of that space!


And while we are talking about rooms I wish I had, I wish this was my laundry room!

So much for wishful thinking. Time for bed, I am exhausted!