Monday, January 31, 2011

Summer Fever

This weather is making me think SUMMER!!!!!!! Summer means pool days, laying out in the sun, swimsuits, flip flops and SUNDRESSES!!!!!!!!
It's official, I have summer fever!

Last summer I wore a dress almost everyday. As soon as I got off work, the scrubs were replaced with a sundress. It just makes me feel more girly to dress up and every store seems to have tons of sundresses. Good for my style....bad for my checkbook!

Over the summer I discovered a new website that has the cutest dresses in my size!

(Yes a major deal!)

Pretty sure at least 3 of these will be hanging in my closet by March!

(Glad I cleaned it out over the weekend!)

This isn't one of them! Trust me a wedding dress is NOT in my near future, but if I ever get married this is my dress. J Crew's "Lucinda" will be perfect for my simple 50 guest (MAX) wedding.......if I decide to get married. It has pockets! Every dress needs pockets, just saying.

This one will be for sure! I am planning to wear this to Ella's rehearsal dinner in April.

I LOVE black! Simple, elegant and easily able to modify. I once justified buying a dress because it was black and I could wear it to funerals.....yep I am that weird! Actually I prefer the term frugal!

Love this one............

.....oh and this one too!

Purple is my favorite color, so this one will be hanging in my closet for sure!

Oh but this one is on sale!

How cute is this!

Every girl needs a red dress...right?

I just think this looks classic.

This beauty is rightly named "Dinner at Tiffany's" so of course its suppose to live with me!

Decisions decisions decisions!

Thankful for my 2nd job!