Thursday, February 3, 2011

One step closer

On a lighter note:
My bedroom is getting closer to be complete!

I finally ordered my headboard yesterday! It only took me 3 weeks of searching to discover that in the end I want just a simple black upholstered headboard with silver buttons. Big surprise right?! Mom has already fussed and said that I will look like I am in mourning. I wanted something simple and classic that I can match future bedding with.

My friend Nikki at is constructing my headboard. She is amazingly creative! I sent her an e-mail yesterday telling her to just do whatever she wants. My only requests were that it be black and classic. She may be even more excited about this project than I am!

This is similar to what I want.

I LOVE monogrammed things. Half of my possessions have my name or initials on them.

Yes, it can be an obsession at times. I thought about getting my initials on my headboard, but at the last minute I decided against it.

I thought about patterns, but I don't want to have the same bedding forever. Or have to stay in the same color scheme for years.

I even thought about white. GASP! Yes white. Then I snapped back into reality!

Imagine this black with silver buttons..........

Nikki said she should have the headboard done this weekend or by Tuesday at the latest. YAY! Finally, my bedroom will be finished!