Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team Ryder

As much as I wanted a sweet little girl to dress up in pink and polka dots, I guess I will love a sweet little boy in blue and stripes.
Team Reece is no more..... :(
I'm not going to lie, when Mom text me I was hoping she was just joking. Not that little boys are great, I just wanted pink, polka dots, tutus and tea parties. However, after a "quick" ETSY search I discovered some cute boy things.............

I can handle this

I must admit this "contraption" was a new one for me.
I've never used one of these when changing a boy's diaper.

Ryder needs this set!

I love little boys in bowties!
Ryder will need some bowties for church!!!!!!!!!

Searsucker neckties.......YES!!!!!!
Can't order the pink one though.
Josh already put his foot down on all things pink for his little man!

I am loving all the retro owl patterns out right now.
Hobby Lobby had some new ones this week, so now they are in my sewing basket!

Yep gotta have a few of these!

Okay so maybe there are a few cute things out for boys, and this won't be a total waste of my fashion dreams. Pretty sure I am out of luck though on the tea parties!