Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sad Day

What a sad day!
I want to start by saying that I am in no way complaining. My day has been simple in comparison to most and one friend's especially. "My Person" lost a family member this week, and it was someone who meant a great deal to me and my Mother. This man was the husband of my Mother's very favorite customer. She was my favorite too.
This woman was amazing. She had a standing 8 a.m. hair appointment every Saturday. Each Saturday she would show up, 30 minutes early, with breakfast for her, Mom and us. It was a weekly tradition that ended all too soon for my Mother. She didn't miss a Saturday, and she never forgot treats for me and Cassie. Sometimes her husband would take us to breakfast at McDonalds and then take us along while he ran errands. He was so good to us. I think they both must have felt sorry for us being trapped at Mom's shop all day long. In the summer they would take us to their house to swim with their grandson. (I don't think he liked 2 girls taking over his pool, and tv remote)
When she passed away, my Mother felt like she had lost her 2nd Mother.
We felt like we had lost a Grandmother.
Saturdays were never the same.
It's so odd. I was just wondering about this man earlier in the week. Mom bought me a shadowbox for Christmas to preserve a dress that his wife made me. I just so happen to have sent both the box and dress off this week to be created. I can't wait to get this back and hang it. This dress means a great deal to me. Shipping it to Mississippi with this box wasn't easy. If it gets lost in the mail, I will be crushed! If I could still fit into this dress, I would still try to wear it! It's been in a fireproof wedding dress box I bought at the dry cleaner. In the back of my mind I have always thought.......if this house ever catches on fire I will grab my "mini" (She called me Mini, because I was so tiny for my age) dress, my pearls and my photo that order!
(I'll post pictures of the finished product!)
Of all the places I could have wanted to be tonight, I wanted to be at the funeral home. Of course nothing ever works out the way I want. I wanted to be there for that person who is always there for me, while he is dealing with this. I wanted to make sure that he knew I care. This was one night I wish I had a 9-5 job.
I went to bed sad last night. My person was going through a terrible time, and I couldn't be there. The worst part was I hardly slept Tuesday night. I woke up Wednesday morning more worn out than when I layed down 7 hours before. My first thought was I need a vacation. Who else would I share this thought with? I text him that I either need a vacation or a full nights' sleep. I sent this text at 5:35 a.m. I'm sure he was stressed about his Grandfather, running on very little sleep himself, and entirely more in need of a vacation than I will ever be. I wish I had known he was dealing with all that, been there for him. I've thought about him and his family all day. He is strong, I have no doubt about that, but I would have still liked to be there.
Not that I had any great words of wisdom (thats his thing) or any way to comfort him. I still wanted to be close.
Because that's what you do for someone who is your person.