Friday, February 25, 2011

The list that never ends

I can't believe January is gone and February is almost over! The worst part is that to-do list I made back in December is still in my planner and doesn't have too many things marked off.

March is already jam packed so adding in what should have been completed in the first two months of the year isn't going to be easy. So far every weekend has something planned and one of which is a work trip to Atlanta. I love Atlanta. It's one of my favorite cities, but this isn't a fun trip. It's a two day dental a cold and dark convention center......with 8 a.m. classes! Sound fun? At some point I need to start planning a baby shower for my sister. That is if she can get out of bed long enough to enjoy a shower.

Add in the Women's Day Expo, CPR re-certification, Invisalign night, Staff meetings, Birthday parties, Consignment sales, Out of town friend visit, Dr. Appointments, and family and friend's not looking like Jan and Feb's stuff is getting done.

My headboard is still not hung, neither are the new frames I ordered for my bedroom. My couch is still on backorder and so are the rugs. (Note to self: only re-do one room at a time in the future)

I'm not complaining! Being busy is better than being bored. I am just a super organized person and my planner is normally full, but never like this.