Thursday, February 24, 2011

Luke & Lorelai...Rory & Logan

For the last few weeks I have gone to bed every night with those crazy Gilmore Girls. Who better than Rory and Lorelai? A couple of years ago Mama got me the first 5 seasons on DVD. That's been one of my all time favorite Christmas gifts. I love these girls!

I really wanted Luke and Lorelai to end up together. I mean who wouldn't want to end up with Luke? The little note in this picture makes my heart melt.

True love can never break!

Call me a hopeless romantic (because I am) but I thought Logan and Rory should have ended up together too. He was much better than Dean or Jess. I saw on Perez Hilton that a Gilmore Girls movie may be in the works! Hopefully it will turn out better than the Sex and the City movies!