Monday, February 21, 2011


I've been on a little blog hiatus. It wasn't intentional, but the end of last week wasn't great and I just needed a few days away from the computer. I had one of those moments that I wish I could just go back and redo almost instantly as it is happening. Not the best feeling. I'm hoping and praying that everything gets back to normal soon.
In the midst of my depression Carrie called and wanted to take Hudson fishing. I'm not a fisher-person, but I needed to get my mind on better things.

What better way to spend a Saturday than at the lake?
The water was down, but it was still nice to be there.

Hudson was EXTREMELY excited to get to use his new Lighting McQueen tackle box and fishing pole. How cute is this?

Bless him!

Snack Time! "Look Miss Tippy!" -Hud

He hooked himself! Definitely the scariest moment of the day!

Hello Spring!

Lexy girl was all about the water! 5 minutes into the day she was already in splashing....the fish loved that!
This face is priceless. TiTi wasn't getting his hook fixed fast enough.

Andy Griffith theme song comes to mind!

"I'm ready!"
Safety First!
Hud had to wear his life jacket so we wore ours.
He was so excited we buckled him in with his life jacket on!
Lexy was just praying we weren't taking her on another 108 degree hike!
Sweet boy!

My rainboots needed a little mud

While we were gone Sarah washed her car, so Brady had to wash his tractor. Super sweet!
Tomorrow is Monday and I am praying things will go back to the way they were before Wednesday.