Monday, April 27, 2009

Ummm when can I have a day off?

I was so glad to see Sunday roll around. Sunday is my day of rest. After church yesterday I took a nice peaceful nap. Unfortunately today is Monday. Monday is a work day. Last Monday I told you how busy that week was going to be. This week isn't looking much better.

Today is Tim's grandmother's birthday. She is in a nursing home so we are going to go visit for a little while tonight. She spends most of her days sleeping so hopefully she will be wide awake tonight. After that I am meeting Paige to tye dye our team tee shirts for Relay.

Tomorrow should be a slow day at work. Tuesdays usually are. I hope it is anyway, I have so much to do for Relay. After work I have Relay for Life bank night. This is the night that all the teams gather together and turn in whatever money they have raised up until now. Its also the last team Captain meeting before Relay.

Wednesday I have a dreaded doc appointment. I loathe blood work!!!!! Lets all hope and pray that I don't have to have any done, but if I do pray for the poor soul who has to draw it. I am a horrible patient!!!!!!

Thursday is our last Relay committee meeting!!!!!!!!! I will definitely miss these monthly lunches. Not to worry though Relay for Life 2010 planning will begin this fall!!!!!!! Thursday is also payday!!!!! I love payday!!!!

Friday is Relay!!!!!!!! I am also looking forward to Friday because it is May 1st!!! Know what that means????? I don't have to wear pantyhose at work again until October 1st!!!!!!!!!!!! Open toed shoes here I come!!!!!

Saturday will be a rough day for me. Staying up all night is not my thing. I was always the first one to fall asleep at a sleep over only to find my bra in the freezer the next morning. I am a person who needs sleep. Just ask Tim! I am foreseeing lots of sleep for Saturday. Thanks to Connie for working for me!!! Can you imagine if I had to stay up all night Friday and then be at work on Saturday at 7:45 a.m.? Yeah that wouldn't happen.

Sunday ahhhhh Sunday my day of rest. After church I am doing two Mother's Day sessions. I am excited to photograph this family. Actually they may be my family one day if Tim and I ever get married!!!!!

Quick note: Any of this is subject to change should Preslee decide that she is ready to make her grand entrance!!!!!!!! Kristy's doc wants her to wait until at least the 11Th. Please keep praying for her and Preslee. Kristy was on bed rest this weekend and she looks worn out today.


Kristy said...

Your doctor appt will go just fine. I have been praying for you.
And of course you can stay up all night... remember when we went fourwheeling til 3 and then to Waffle House until I don't know when, then worked at 8. We looked very pretty for work that day..hahaha. NOT!
Your quick note....Preslee seems to have a mind of her own. I am hoping she will wait until the doc says. But...I am not so sure she will. Thanks for the prayers!!