Monday, April 27, 2009

A camping we will go

Actually we didn't go camping, we just had a campfire. A couple of weekends ago me, Tim, Cassie, Josh, Steve and Kelly went up on the mountain to hang out.

Josh is a campfire wizard!!!!
Notice that the lighter fluid is a little too close to the fire. I was a tad worried about it!

Who brings Zaxby's to a campfire? My sister!!!! Bless her heart she said she didn't want a hot dog. Too funny!

Stand back ladies and gents this might get a little hairy!!!

See my pink rainboots? Well they were pink when I bought them, but they have been on 150 + frourwheeling trip since then. I love them and use any excuse to wear them.

I wasn't watching my biscuit on a stick and it sorta caught fire!!!

That is a biscuit in my hand in case you were wondering!

Josh was proud of his hot dog.


Cassie said...

So glad you put that beautiful picture of my weenie on here. Admit is a good picture.