Friday, April 3, 2009

From trash to treasure?

Not exactly. Daddy and I cleaned out our attic last night. The idea was to get as much out as possible and donate most of it to the rummage sale. Among all the empty (yes empty) boxes, Christmas stuff and furniture, we found tons and tons of mine and Cassie's old toys and clothes. It was so fun to look at.

Cassie never cleans out a purse when she gets a new one. She just takes out whatever she absolutely has to have and then starts over. I found an entire bag of nothing but her old purses. One had money in it!!! One had her old gameboy (that she accused me of stealing) and games in it. Another was full of her old school papers. I wasn't surprised to see all of them had A+++++'s on them! It sort drives me crazy that she does this, but whatever.

Apparently we loved Barbies because I found at least 4 garbage bags full of them. Their poor hair is in terrible shape and I am shocked that I didn't take better care of my things. Oh well too late now.

After I priced everything and bagged it all up, I had two huge rubbermaid totes and 7 garbage bags full! Cindi is not going to be happy with me when I deliever these things!!!

Maybe my trash will be someone else's treasure!


Rebekah Stanfill said...

that's too funny! my parents kept all of my old barbies and barbie doll house. they recently got them all our for reagan to play with and she loves them. i secretly got excited about playing with them again, too!

Cassie said...

Yeah my treasures!!!!!!!!! See she kept hers and now her little girl plays with them!