Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini Sessions

I am going to be doing 1 hour mini sessions tomorrow at the grist mill in Norris. If you are interested please let me know soon. The 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. appointments are already booked but I have 5 more. It's first come first serve. I won't be charging a sitting fee tomorrow, just $15 per CD. The Cd's will have all the images from your session. I will photoshop a few, but if you want them all edited it will be a $15 charge. You can wait until after you have viewed your images to decide.

Please feel free to bring your own props. I am going to have balloons and maybe a few other items.

These sessions are open to individuals, couples and families. I would love to have some cute little gals in their swimsuits!!!!!!


Alexis said...

Sure wish we lived a little closer together. I'd be there for sure. We've only had Matty's picture taken professtionally once, and my camera (or maybe its my skills with it) is leaving quite a bit to be desired. Your pictures are great. I totally envy you.