Monday, April 20, 2009

Planning ahead

This is my 300th post! Should I do something special?

I am a planner! Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you. I plan everything. I am also a list maker. Usually I make a list on Monday. For me making a list means that I have less of a chance to forget something! It does happen, but not often. This is all part of being the organizer that I am.

I love to look ahead too! So here are some of the things that I am looking forward to:

May 1st Relay for Life

May 3rd C's bridal shower

May 9th J's baby shower
Comedy Club to see Tim Wilson (CMT)

May 16th Daddy's Birthday

May 18th Kristy's Induction!!!!

May 23rd Kentucky Splash Opens

June 4th My Birthday!!!

June 21st Homecoming at church

July 4th ?????????????????

July 3rd- 12th VACATION

August 25th 4 year anniversary

September 11th- 20th TVA-I Fair

September 24th Mama Birthday
Chicken Festival
Whitmore Wedding

October 16-18 Foothills Fall Festival

I have more, but I am sure you are bored so I will stop here.


AmyT said...

I like to plan ahead too - sounds like you've got some busy days !!!

Cassie said...

September 20th - Cassie and Josh's 1 year anniversary!

Cassie said...

September 20th - Cassie and Josh's 1 year anniversary