Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Countdown begins....................

Kristy went to the Dr. last week and found out that if she doesn't have Preslee by May 19Th she is going to be induced. She seems fairly calm about the whole situation.

So the countdown begins.......

Kelli and I went over last night to help her work on the nursery. So far she has been given 3 showers and people are still bringing gifts! Last night Kristy and I assembled the bouncy seat and swing. Ummmm can we say hilarious! The bouncy seat was simple. No biggie! Then we started on the swing. Yeah not so simple! It only had 2 screws and was a bigger pain than the seat. Thankfully Kenny, Kristy's brother, stopped by and helped us.

I just want to note that we had all the hard parts finished before he arrived to the rescue. give me and Kristy some credit folks! Lets not forget that I did assemble the stroller a few weeks ago and its still together!!!!!! Ha Ha

Kristy packed her bag last night too! Melissa, cody's mom, told her that the moon is suppose to change on Friday. I think that means that she could go into labor this weekend!!!!! I know she would be happy to have her sooner than later since she is really uncomfortable these days. She was so funny packing all her stuff. I was very proud that she had made a list! (Good job Kristy)

I am excited to see what miss Preslee is going to look like! Please keep Kristy and Preslee in your prayers. Pray that Kristy has an easy and quick delivery and that Preslee is happy and healthy!


Kristy said...

Thanks for all your help with Preslee's things.. I probably would still be looking at the mess, if you hadn't. I am getting excited about her arrival, but am soo nervous. Thank you for requesting people say a prayer for us! I appreciate it!