Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

I thought Good Friday is actually suppose to be a good Friday? Mine was anything but! This is kinda how the day went:

woke up 45 minutes late

took the quickest shower ever (still managed to use all the hot water sorry mom)

straigtening iron refused to heat up

couldn't find a thing to wear

didn't have time to iron (thanks mama)

got doedrant on my shirt

changed shirt

hunted high and low for shoes only to realize that they are at Tim's

didn't have time for breakfast (thanks daddy)

got to work-late- still made the morning meeting

dealt with crazy, cranky and rude customers

counted down the minutes until lunch

ate lunch with Tim in the rain

watched Ellie drag things out of the neighbors garage

helped Tim get Ellie back in the lot

tried not to get dirty

got dirty

got mad

left mad

hated to, but went back to work

waited on more crazy, cracky and rude customers

counted down the minutes until 5 p.m.

huge storm hit

drove to Tim's in huge storm

nearly wrecked 10 times

went in, changed clothes, listened to the rain and watched West Wing

was totally comfy and determined to spend the evening inside catching up on west wing episodes

Yeah right

Tim changed the plan

wanted to drive to Gatlinburg for a pair of boots

didn't want to go

wanted to stay in and dry

wanted to watch west wing and order pizza

wanted to stay in my comfy clothes

yeah right

changed clothes

re-did make-up

stormed down steps

slammed truck door

rode in silence for most of the way

drove all the way to boot store

guess what?

yep, no boots


we didn't leave empty handed!

tim left with a wallet

I left with a headache

went to dinner

man behind us chomped like a horse

I must admit that after we ate dinner my day got better. Normally that is how it works with me. Anyway after dinner we headed home and I took a power nap! Gotta say Tim's truck really isn't designed for napping. By the time we made it back to Caryville my neck was killing me!

The good part about it? I slept through the dreaded diesel drama...... If you know me you know that I hate to be with Tim when he gets diesel. Yes I know that the truck must have diesel to run. I just hate that it takes FOREVER to pump. Seriously diesel pumps are super slow. Tim even uses the pumps that the semi's use and it is still a 30 minute process! The truckers probably are happy that we are taking a pump away from them either! Gotta say I don't blame them.


Cassie said...

So did you happen to stop by the mall and get my cover up?

Sonya said...

Hopefully today will be better for you!

t.l.wilson said...

I'm sorry that you had a bad day.

Crystal said...

Just wanted to let you know you won my give-a-way! YAY! Email me which set you would like to go with (girl or boy) and your shipping address and I will get them out soon.